Are You Facing Criminal Charges?

We take on criminal cases in Killeen, TX

A criminal conviction can upend your life, limiting your choices and future opportunities. You'll likely have to contend with fines or even jail time. When facing a criminal charge, be sure you have an attorney by your side. The Rios Law Group, PLLC takes on criminal cases in Killeen, TX. Our attorney will represent you as you navigate the murky legal waters ahead.

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Learn how criminal charges can impact your life

Criminal cases can have significant impacts on the defendants' lives if convicted. Depending on the severity of the charge, a defendant may:

  • Have to serve jail time
  • Need to pay a hefty fine
  • Be required to do community services

A conviction may also come with social impacts. For many convicted people, finding a job or being accepted by a new social circle may be difficult. If you're worried about your future, contact us today about your criminal case.