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What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a process in which a dispute is submitted to an arbitrator, by agreement of the parties. The arbitrator is assigned with making a binding decision on the dispute. In choosing arbitration, the parties elect to have a private dispute resolution procedure instead of going to court. This process is common in settling disputes arising from breaches of contract or commercial/business transactions.

​​El arbitraje es un proceso en el que una disputa se somete a un árbitro, por acuerdo de las partes. El árbitro es el encargado de tomar una decisión sobre la disputa. Al elegir el arbitraje, las partes optan por tener un procedimiento privado de resolución de disputas en lugar de ir a la corte. Este proceso es común en la resolución de disputas que surgen de alcances de contratos o transacciones comerciales.

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Our arbitrator is fluent in Spanish and able to provide bilingual assistance. Through her experience working at a wide range of law firms and representing clients before courts throughout Harris, Fort Bend, Bell, Travis, Montgomery, and surrounding counties, as well as clerking for the honorable 507th District Court of Harris County, our attorney is versed in divorce, guardianship, custody, child support, breach of contract, personal injury, and other various fields of law to help you mediate or arbitrate your case. For your convenience, our firm provides in-person arbitrations throughout Central Texas and online throughout Texas. Half-day and full-day arbitrations are available. For more information or general inquiries, get in touch with an arbitration lawyer in Killeen, TX today.

Para su comodidad, nuestra firma proporciona arbitraje en persona en todo el centro de Texas y en línea en todo Texas. Ofrecemos arbitraje de medio día y de día completo. Para obtener más información, llámenos hoy.

Arbitration Areas:

  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Negligence
  • Employment
  • Business/Commercial